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Statement of Purpose







In accordance with the Requirements of

The Health and Social Care Act 2008

(Regulated Activities) Regulations 2010


For Registration with Care Quality Commission as a











The Dental Centre

11 Elizabeth Street


NN17 1RZ

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This dental practice consists of dedicated and professional employees. We strive to be acknowledged by our clients, suppliers and regulators as a leader in our sector. This will be achieved by ensuring that we recruit and train highly professional staff whose ambitions are to exceed client expectations.


Our Aims:


We aim to provide dental care and treatment of consistently good quality for all patients and only to provide services that meet patients’ needs and wishes. We aim to make care and treatment as comfortable and convenient as possible. In addition we aim:


  • To understand and exceed the expectations of our clients

  • To both motivate and invest in our team and acknowledge their value

  • To encourage all team members to participate in achieving our aims and objectives

  • To clearly set and monitor targets in all areas

  • To invest in property, equipment and technology and to innovate processes based on a measured business case


    Our Objectives:


    The objectives of the practice are to deliver a service of high standard in line with professional standards:


  • To be accountable for individual and team performance

  • To support each other in achieving patient expectations

  • To maintain the highest professional and ethical standards

  • To rapidly respond to the needs of our team and our patients

  • To encourage innovation, ambition, enterprise and continuous improvement

  • To ensure staff are trained and competent through investment and personal development.


    This is achieved by offering patients a personal service, integrating the highest quality products with the latest proven techniques and protocols.


    Patients are treated with honesty and integrity, in complete confidence and the utmost discretion, in comfortable surroundings, at a reasonable cost.


    The practice complies with the requirements of the Advertising Standards Authority and ensures that any advertisements reflect the true nature of services offered.


    Services Provided


    The regulated activities provided include:


  • Treatment of disease, disorder or injury

  • Surgical procedures

  • Diagnostic and screening procedures




    This practice offers dental services to all its patients which consist of:


  • Preventive advice and treatment

  • Routine and restorative dental care

  • Root canal treatment

  • Dental hygiene

  • Surgical treatment

  • Tooth whitening

  • Crown and bridgework

  • Restorative dentistry




                LEGAL STATUS

                The practice is run as a partnership

                 The partners are Mr Avinash Bhundia & Mr Ketan Panchal


                          The practice is not run as a charity.



Service Provider :


2:30 Limited – Mr Avinash Bhundia & Mr Ketan Panchal


Provider ID 1-152986593




Registered Manager  


Mr Ketan Panchal


Manager ID 1-153068953
































               Service users at the practice          



Learning disabilities or autistic spectrum disorder


Older people


Younger adults


Children 0-3 years


Children 4-12 years


Children 13-18 years


Mental health


Physical disability


Sensory impairment




People detained under the Mental Health Act


People who misuse drugs and alcohol


People with an eating disorder


Whole population


None of the above

Please give details:








Facilities within the Premises



  • The practice is a detached three storey premises located close to the town centre. The practice is within easy access by public and private transport. The Practice has disabled access for wheelchair users or people with prams or pushchairs. There are large disabled access toilet facilities and downstairs surgeries are available. We have a purpose-built decontamination suite to assure Best Practice standards of infection control.









Making an appointment – All patients are seen on an appointment basis. Patients have access to emergency appointments on a daily basis.


Cancellation Policy - At least 48 hours’ notice is required of a cancellation


Smoking Policy - In order to provide a safe and smoke free environment for staff and patients, the establishment is a no smoking area.


Methods of Payment/Credit - All major credit/debit cards are accepted. We also offer payment on a finance scheme



Car Parking - There are parking facilities near the practice.


Client Centred Care - We care about providing the right treatment for patients/clients, so treatments and procedures are only carried out after fully discussing the pros and cons with the patient.


Consultations - All consultations are carried out in person with patients/clients, by qualified personnel in the privacy of the consultation/treatment room.



Records of all consultation and treatments are kept in patients’ notes.


At the initial consultation, a medical history will be taken and an outline of the problem the patient presents with. They will be given information on any planned procedure and all alternatives will be discussed, and consent obtained prior to commencement.


Patient/Client Records - The details of patients/clients are taken at the initial consultation which also form part of the patient/client records.


Information Provided to the Patients/Clients - This practice ensures that information provided to patients/clients and prospective patients and their families/carers is accurate and that any claims made in respect of services are justified. This is in the form of a Patient Information Leaflet.


Treatment of Children – We do provide treatment for children. We will expect minors to be accompanied to the practice by their parents.


Consent - Patients have the right to make their own decisions regarding medical treatment and care. Prior to the commencement of treatment, patients will be required to sign a form of consent.


Consent to treatment must always be given freely and voluntarily by a person capable of making decisions regarding the treatment. Those with a learning disability must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will sign the consent form on their behalf.


Patient Surveys -It is the policy of this practice also to carry regular random patient surveys to seek the views of our patients/clients as to the quality of the treatment and care provided by our personnel. We also have a suggestion box in the patient waiting area.



Patients views will be collated into a report by entering the results into a spreadsheet and totals and percentages will be calculated as to the overall performance. Explanation of the totals may also be represented by visual aids such as graphs and charts.  The results of the survey will also be made available to staff by way of discussion at regular staff meetings. Guidance as to where and how to access the report will be noted in the minutes of these staff meetings.




Privacy and dignity of patients - The privacy and dignity of patients are respected at all times.  This practice has a policy of patient confidentiality and all information and records are kept safe and confidential.  There are facilities for patients to have private conversations with the clinical and reception staff.


Checklist for Consultation – We will explain the procedure to the patient and give them an opportunity to ask questions. We will explain what we are doing at each stage of the procedure.



Complaints Procedure - This practice operates a complaints procedure as part of its dealing with patient’s complaints which complies with the Care Quality Commission requirements. 


Patients are asked that in the event of any complaint, to speak directly to a member of the management team or write to Mrs Manjit Bains (complaints manager)


What we shall do - Our complaints procedure is designed to make sure that we settle any complaints as quickly as possible. We shall acknowledge complaints within 2 working days and aim to have looked into the complaint within 10 working days of the date when it was raised.  We shall then be in a position to offer an explanation or a meeting as appropriate. If there are any delays in the process we will keep the complainant informed.

When we look into a complaint, we shall aim to:


  • find out what happened and what, if anything, went wrong

  • make it possible for the complainant to discuss the problem with those concerned

  • Identify what we can do to make sure the problem does not happen again.

    At the end of the investigation the complaint will be discussed with the complainant in detail, either in person or in writing.


    Complaining on behalf of someone else - The rules of medical confidentiality will be adhered to if the complaint is received on behalf of someone else. A note signed by the person concerned will be required, unless they are incapable (e.g. because of illness) of providing this to allow the complaint to be investigated. If the complaint is not resolved to the patient’s satisfaction, the patient will be advised to write to:


Care Quality Commission 

Healthcare Team

Citygate - Gallowgate

Newcastle upon Tyne - NE1 4PA

Email: / Website:


Help us to get it right - We constantly try to improve the service we offer, so we will encourage patients/clients to let us know when we have done something well or if there are any suggestions as to how we can do something better. We actively encourage all feedback.





Mr Avinash Bhundia





             Mr Ketan Panchal