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NHS Friends and Family Feedback 


We’re listening to your feedback

You’ve been giving us feedback on your care and treatment. You told us in June 2019:

That we have very friendly staff, that we take the time to put patients at ease and explain any treatment fully. We are caring and sympathetic with a good level of knowledge. We are child friendly. We deal with anxious patients very well.

It was mentioned that certain areas in the practice could do with a revamp, specifically the main reception.

Being kept waiting was also mentioned, with some patients being kept waiting on more than one occasion, and for long periods of time.

Also, the length of time to wait for an appointment was an issue.


We’re listening and this is what we’re doing:


We always aim to make your visit to the dentist a positive one. We as a whole practice keep up to date with all training requirements including patient care to ensure the highest quality of our services to you.

We are planning on reconstructing the reception area this year.

We endeavour to keep to time as best as we can. Unfortunately, situations arise which can result in running over into the next appointment. We try to keep those waiting informed of the delay, but it can be sometimes difficult to do this.

Due to a shortage of dentists, waiting time for appointments has been longer than normal. We have had a new dentist start in June and we have another new one starting in August. We are hoping by September/October, we will see a reduction in waiting time for appointments.


Having your say helps to improve care for everyone so please keep putting us to the test by giving us your feedback each time you use our services.

 The NHS Friends and Family Test